Industrial Radiography

Responsive offer Radiography both onsite and in our custom built closed compound.

X-Ray Compound Facilities

Situated within our Lillyhall, Cumbria base we have built a customised x-ray compound allowing us to carry out industrial radiography.

We operate our radiography compound 24/7 ensuring a quick turn around of your work.

Our new x-ray bay can accept spools up to 8 meter in length.

For vessel work our bay has a footprint of 5 meter width x 8 meter length and 4 meter height.

Our bay is fully equipped with redundant safety interlock features and radiation monitors, our technicians safety is paramount.

HM HSE Inspectors recently visited Responsives radiation compound facility.

Within our facility we have lifting capacity and storage areas to ensure that our clients items are well catered for.

Our Radiographers

All of our radiographers are qualified to at least PCN Level II in light and dense metals. Additional to this all of our radiographers are also trained and company appointed Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS).

Our Radiographers have a varied range of industrial radiography experience and qualifications.

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Other Services

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant inspection is a surface flaw technique that can be used on almost any non-porous material. It's a relatively quick process and excellent for field / on-site testing of components both in service or newly fabricated & machined.

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Ultrasonic Testing

A volumetric technique used for testing the flaws in welds and for material evaluation. The non-obtrusive testing of in-service components allows plants to run efficiently, as ultrasonic inspection doesn’t affect the manning or running of a plant (unlike radiography).

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Magnetic Testing

Magnetic particle testing is a method for finding surface cracks in welds and in-service components. Responsive have site and workshop facility for MPI.

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