Responsive NDT are based in the UK and an independently owned specialist in non-destructive testing and inspection.

We provide NDT examinations on sites around the UK and into Europe in addition to our independent testing facilities and mechanical testing laboratory in the UK.

We operate from 3 strategic locations allowing UK wide coverage from Cumbria, Manchester and the Southampton. From our UK based NDT locations, we can be on most sites at worst case within hours, offering same day non-destructive testing and inspection services.

Responsive set the standard for high quality efficient testing and inspection services. We have in house PCN and ASNT Level 3 qualified technicians this ensures our NDT procedures are all PCN Level 3 approved. Our integrated management system in compliance with ISO 17020, ISO 17025 and accredited to ISO 9001 is key to our daily non-destructive testing and inspection coordination.

We utilise technology within NDT. Our custom built, bespoke, reporting system our inspectors utilise controls all operations in real time and ensure reports are created the same day with minimal mistakes. Everything from consumable batch numbers, equipment calibration and staff qualification is controlled online, real-time reporting. We are one of the only UK non destructive testing companies that can offer this service.

"My dealings with Responsive have been extremely easy due to their professional proactive working ethics. The service was very efficient and all of my expectations were met. I chose Responsive to carry out the works on my project as I have worked with Lee for many years and know that he and his team will always provide exactly what I require and to the highest standard. I would certainly recommend others utilising Responsive services"

Callum Woodend

WCEL - Operations Director

“We needed to find someone who could get on site within three hours and carry out the required NDT testing.“Responsive were in contact almost immediately and we were able to talk them through what needed to be done.“They were there on time and were extremely professional. They did a high quality and cost-effective job. I would definitely recommend them.”

Thomas Brockbank

Frank Armitt and Son - Project Manager

What Is Non-Destructive Testing Used For?
Non-destructive testing or non destructive evaluation as it is sometimes referred to offers the end user a means of testing a product or material without destroying it. This means the tested item can still be sold on and supplied to your client. NDT is utilised in many industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, general fabrication, marine and ship building and nuclear to name a few. NDT testing and inspection can provide detailed information on a material such as positive material identification which will detail the analysis of the materials key constituents. Flaws in the product such as cracks can be identified on the surface using dye penetrant or magnetic particle, without these NDT methods these defects necessarily won’t be able to be seen by the naked eye.

Volumetric NDT such as radiography or ultrasonic testing is key to find internal defects. This can be used in weld inspection to find flaws such as lack of fusion, slags and porosity. Industrial radiography is similar to radiography within a hospital setting utilising x-rays to find defects. Radiography is utilised the most within non-destructive testing.