BECBC Shadow Board Awards Winner

I’m not sure anyone working at Responsive is on the hunt for any recognition for the hard work they do, which makes it a little nicer when someone nominates you for the hard work and dedication you have shown over the previous 12 months.

What makes this award that much better is that not only is it recognition of work complete but more for the emphasis placed within the Cumbrian local area to ensure the next generation of young ‘potential employees’ are well and truly looked after and nurtured by local businesses.

Mathew Tomkinson, director of Responsive Training Services based in Whitehaven has been duly nominated, recognised by the Shadow Board of BECBC and now honoured with an accolade as the ‘Young Leader of the Year (Developing the Next Generation)’ award.

Responsive have always shown a keen interest in community involvement, Mathew takes that to a new level and sets the bar for Responsive employees pretty high. Many schemes exist locally offering ample opportunity to get involved and make a huge difference.

Taking a quick look at what Mathew has been doing over the past couple of years includes Dream Placement, DWP Mentoring Circles, Brightstars, School placements, School Talks and many Club Talks such as sea cadets.

Some of Mathews previous illumini on the Mentoring Circles immediately went on to find full time employment!

Couple the above with the expectation to run and grow Responsive Training Services is quite an achievement. Recently Mathew has steered Responsive to gain Highfield and CPD accreditation and authored 4 tailored courses for our clients.

Responsive have 4 NVQ Employees of which Mathew plays a key support role. One of the employees was recognised as apprentice of the year by the British Institute of NDT.

The guy is a machine! He only does the above after baking some bread, plastering some walls (strange hobby) and going the gym.


Well done Mathew T from all at Responsive.