Request Site Radiation Works

If you require Responsive to undertake site radiography or gamma testing at your facility, please complete this form. This is a legal requirement inline with Ionising Radiation Regulation 2017.

Before completing this form, you need to consider if your item can be tested within a radiography compound. If not, because of size, weight or item fitted in situ such as a site weld then you can continue with site radiography.

All site based radiography, unless an emergency situation, requires 7 days pre-notice. Your request should be 7 days from the date of completing this form.  If this is not possible due to an emergency please select Yes under 7 day waiver required and Responsive’s Radiation Protection Supervisor will request a waiver from the Health and Safety Executives radiation team. The waiver will need granted by the HSE before we can progress.

Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017
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