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Calt Leak Testing

Responsive have specialist technicians that are fully trained and experience in Calt leak testing utilising Calt 9 equipment as provided by Croft Associates. If you

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Material Acceptability

Cross contamination can cause issues once items are installed in hazardous / corrosive conditions. Responsive can prove free irons, coppers etc have not came into contact with stainless steel.

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Phased Array Ultrasonic

Phased Array testing both manual and automated can be utilised as a way of reinforcing or replacing radiography on pipe and structures. Responsive have Phased Array (PA) solutions that can help.

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Industrial Radiography

Volumetric form of non destructive testing allowing a through image of densities to be seen. This is an age old proven technique for welds and materials.

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Ultrasonic Testing

A volumetric technique used for testing the flaws in welds and for material evaluation. The non-obtrusive testing of in-service components allows plants to run efficiently, as ultrasonic inspection doesn’t affect the manning or running of a plant (unlike radiography).

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Penetrant Testing

Penetrant inspection is a surface flaw technique that can be used on almost any non-porous material. It’s a relatively quick process and excellent for field / on-site testing of components both in service or newly fabricated & machined.

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Magnetic Testing

Magnetic particle testing is a method for finding surface cracks in welds and in-service components. Responsive have site and workshop facility for MPI.

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