Responsive: A Chronicle of British Excellence

Today, we offer a brief overview of 'Responsive's journey, underpinned by the dedication of our team and the trust of our clients.

A quick glance at our defining moments:

Foundation in 2014: Lee and Lisa Grears launched 'Responsive', embedding a commitment to adaptability and top-tier service at its core.

Doug Martin's Contribution: More than our first employee, Doug was pivotal to our growth, transitioning to become our leading inspector in Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and Ultrasonics.

Partnerships in 2015: We earned recognition and collaboration with esteemed UK companies, including Fellside PX, Tata Steel, Forth, McGrady Engineering, Millweld and West Cumberland Engineering.

Tech Advancements in 2018: We scaled up our services, integrating advanced radiography tools to enhance our offerings at Lillyhall.

A Year of Growth in 2019: Among several accomplishments, Lisa Grears' recognition as 'Apprentice of the Year' by the British Institute of NDT stood out.

Honoured with Awards: Recognition from In-Cumbria magazine and Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster were milestones. However, our relationship with McMennon Engineering is a testament to enduring UK business partnerships.

Commitment to Education: Currently, two team members are advancing their qualifications, undertaking the NVQ Level 6 apprenticeship at the University of Northampton and for a team of 20 having 7 complete an NVQ level 3 whilst at Responsive shows our commitment. 

Expansion in Services: Our exploration into destructive testing showcases our commitment to broadening horizons.

Addressing the Skills Gap: With Mathew Tomkinson on board, we're proactive in addressing the UK's inspection skills shortage.

Post-Pandemic Collaborations: 2021 saw Lee partnering with Chris Cowhig, leading to the establishment of Responsive Southampton.

Digital Integration: The inclusion of the Carestream system is our leap towards faster and more accurate client services.

By the Numbers: With over 57,310 items inspected and our team's continued professional growth, we're all about results and development, and only 3 NCR's received, granted 3 too many but they all add up to a growth opportunity.

Our collaboration with Rolls Royce Small Modular Reactor, in tandem with TWI, signifies an exciting step towards research and innovation. As the nuclear sector evolves, so do our prospects.

While recognitions validate our efforts, it's our team's commitment, shared values, and vision that drive us forward. From our humble beginnings to today, we remain a cohesive unit, unified by purpose and British ethos.

Thank you for being a part of our trajectory. The future beckons, and with your continued support, we're ready to ascend.

Here's to progress, British excellence, and a brighter tomorrow! 🌟🚀🌟