Responsive Secures Major Contract with Farrans for Welding Inspection and Non-Destructive Testing

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Responsive as we secure a major contract in welding inspection and non-destructive testing with the Farrans. This collaboration cements our position as industry leaders and reinforces our dedication to delivering excellence in every project.

Spanning until 2025, our partnership with Farrans will predominantly focus on the improvement of the underground network of water pipes in the regions of County Durham and Tees Valley. One of the notable components of this massive project is the construction of a new 24km, 800mm diameter pipeline. This pipeline, set to run between Lartington Water Treatment Works and Shildon via Whorley Hill, is nothing short of an engineering marvel. Expertly designed to cross underneath the River Tees and Alwent Beck, it will delve to a remarkable depth of 50 metres. Such advancements are not merely infrastructural – they bring with them a direct impact on the community. Around 200,000 customers stand to benefit from this upgrade, ensuring more efficient water services and a boost in local infrastructure.

Responsive is not just about delivering top-notch services; our core ethos revolves around generating a significant social impact. We are fully committed to harnessing the local resources for this project. Our intent is clear: to prioritize and source staff from within the local area, thus contributing to job creation and economic growth. Additionally, by procuring equipment and consumables from local businesses, we aim to bolster the regional economy and create a synergy where the community thrives.

The journey with Farrans is not just a business contract for us. It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, our dedication to fostering local ties, and our vision to contribute positively to the community. As we embark on this new venture, we remain grateful for the trust placed in us and are determined to exceed expectations at every turn.

Here's to innovation, commitment, and a thriving local community.