Responsive Launches State-of-the-Art Southampton Facility, Advancing the UK's NDT Landscape

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – The non-destructive testing (NDT) industry in the UK is poised for a revolution as Responsive inaugurates its cutting-edge facility in Southampton, promising instant radiography results and seamless nationwide coverage.

In a move that cements its position at the forefront of NDT technology, Responsive's Southampton establishment came to fruition over the past 12 months. The facility's setup and vision were spearheaded by industry veteran Chris Cowhig, a seasoned professional with distinguished stints at Ultramag and Applus. His ambitious blueprint for the branch resonated deeply with Lee, the visionary founder of Responsive.

Lee remarked, "Chris's aspiration mirrored the core reasons why I set Responsive into motion. Investing in such tangible ambition was a decision we took with pride."

Further cementing its commitment to innovation, Responsive wasted no time in embracing the future. A whopping £150k was poured into acquiring state-of-the-art digital radiography equipment soon after Cowhig's onboard. This technology promises real-time results, showcased instantly on laptop screens, enabling swift on-site interpretations—a game-changer in the field.

Chris enthused about the tech leap, "This isn't just progress; it's a leap into the future of NDT. Real-time results mean clients get immediate insights without the traditional wait."

Beyond technological advancements, Responsive also prides itself on its pool of experts. The company houses in-house PCN Level 3 qualifications across all disciplines and boasts a roster of radiographers, a majority of whom are appointed as radiation protection supervisors.

The operation isn't limited to Southampton. A robust coordination mechanism, facilitated by Chris in Southampton and the duo of Gareth and Lee in Cumbria, guarantees comprehensive UK coverage. "Our goal is simple – swift service, utmost safety, precision, and instantaneous online reporting. With our two strategic locations, we're well-poised to serve the entire UK efficiently," Chris added.

For entities keen on efficient, state-of-the-art NDT solutions, Responsive's Southampton venture is a beacon of progress and excellence in the industry.